IRDL instructor spotlight: Lili Luo

Lili LuoWe are delighted to have Lili Luo as our co-lead instructor for the Institute. Dr. Lili Luo is an associate professor at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. She received her Master’s in Information Management from Peking University and PhD in Library and Information Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her primary areas of expertise include digital reference service, information seeking and use, and LIS education. She is particularly interested in studying the evolution of reference service under the influence of emerging technologies, and has published actively and led multiple research projects in this area, including a recent research grant, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, to study the best practices of providing reference service via texting. She teaches research methods regularly, and maintains a blog that seeks to promote and facilitate research among library and information professionals (

We asked Lili the following two questions:
1. Why are you participating as an instructor for IRDL?
2. What impact do you hope IRDL has on the library community?

1. I published an article in 2010 about the impact of research methods education on LIS practitioners’ practice (Luo, L. (2011). Fusing research into practice: The role of Research Methods education. Library and Information Science Research, 33(3), 191-201.) IRDL project directors Kris and Marie read this article and provided me with this opportunity to participate in IRDL as an instructor. My participation includes developing, assessing, and refining Institute curriculum, providing instruction, identifying and addressing sustainability issues, and sharing project findings. I very much appreciate this opportunity to help academic librarians improve research skills and increase research output. Working with them will also allow me to see the real-world problems they are facing that could be resolved by conducting research. It is beneficial to me as an LIS educator too.

2. IRDL will equip participants with research-based problem solving skills and help them more effectively and efficiently address problems at work via conducting and applying research. Ultimately it will help promote the research culture in the library community and enable more LIS professionals to become practitioner-researchers.

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