(2014) Prepare Your Proposal

(Please note that this is an archived web page. These are not the current instructions for how to prepare your proposal. {Archived 10/1/2014})

***The application process for the inaugural Institute is now closed. Scholars accepted to the program will be notified by March 1, 2014. ***

Applications for the inaugural Institute will be accepted between December 1, 2013 and February 1, 2014. Scholars accepted to the program will be notified by March 1, 2014.

Please prepare the following to be uploaded as a single PDF document as your application:

  1. Complete and save to your computer the application form found at http://irdlonline.org/application_form.pdf
  2. One-page cover letter of why you are applying. Please reflect on what you specifically hope to gain from participation in the Institute.
  3. Abstract (approximately 200 words)
  4. Attach a description of the project you would like to focus on while a scholar at the Institute. Your description should address the following specific topics (Maximum 4 pages):
    1. A clear problem statement or hypothesis.
    2. Any background information to support your project, such as a bibliography, proposed research design/methodology, previous or related research that you have done, include any instruments you’ve already developed.
    3. What is the expected contribution to knowledge or your library’s operations.
  5. CV
  6. A letter from your Director or Dean (or supervisor, if you are a Director or Dean), addressing the following specific topics:
    1. An awareness that your librarian will return to the home institution with a project ready to run. You will support, as appropriate for your institution, time to complete the work.
    2. Any available resources the Scholar will have to complete the work (examples: access to research consultant, stats consultant).
    3. Moral support / mentorship.
    4. Permission granted to be away from the home institution for the entirety of the Institute.
  7. Merge all of the documents into one PDF file; please organize your documents so they are in the order listed here, beginning the file with your application form. Create an account at the IRDL Digital Commons website (http://digitalcommons.lmu.edu/irdl/) and upload your document.


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