2014 IRDL

The last morning of 2014 IRDL

Here is what a few of the 2014 IRDL Scholars have said about their experience:

“If I had to say one word about IRDL, it would be ’empowering.’ I feel so much more knowledgeable reading articles, judging the quality of surveys that come through, and contemplating new research projects.”

“I feel so much better equipped to do my job after IRDL. I have gained greater understanding of the methods researchers use and I know how to effectively gather data to influence and shape the future of libraries.”

“IRDL’s expert instructors provided the training I needed to jump-start my research agenda. I now have the skills needed to rigorously investigate any research question I have.”

The inaugural Institute for Research Design in Librarianship was held June 16-26, 2014. The Scholars selected as the first cohort are listed at our blog at http://irdlonline.org/the-2014-irdl-scholars-2/. Tweets are archived on Storify at https://storify.com/IRDL/irdl-2014

The following links are an archive of the web pages related to the 2014 selection process: Institute Overview ; Call for Proposals ; Proposal Preparation ; Course Outline

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