IRDL Scholar Works Completed

This page showcases the diversity of how research is disseminated in the field of librarianship. Listed below are the writings and presentations completed by our IRDL Scholars resulting from their participation in the Institute. IRDL Scholars names are in bold font.


Albarillo, Frans. 2015. “Library Research Skills: Need Some? A report on professional development opportunities and my experiences at the Institute of Research Design in Librarianship.” Codex:the Journal of the Louisiana Chapter of the ACRL. Volume 3, Number 2.

Bauer, Melissa. 2018. “Ethnographic study of business students’ information-seeking behavior: Implications for improved library practices.” Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship. Volume 23, no. 1. 1-10.

Benedetti, Allison. 2017. “Promoting Library Services with User-Centered Language.” portal: Libraries and the Academy. Volume 17, Number 2. 217-234.

Benedetti, Allison, Jackson, John, and Luo, Lili. 2018. “Vignettes: Implications for LIS Research.” College & Research Libraries. Preprint available at

Burel, Melissa, and Park, Sarah. 2016. “Snap, Click, Chat: Investigating the international student experience.” 2016 Brick and Click Conference Proceedings. 131-149.

Bouquin, Daina, and Eaker, Christopher. 2014. “Institute for Research Design in Librarianship: Raising the bar in library & information science research.” Escience Communities Blog.

Craig, Cindy. 2017. “Modular Short Form Videos for Library Instruction.” In the Library with the Lead Pipe.

Dawes, Lorna. 2019. “Through Faculty’s Eyes: Teaching Threshold Concepts and the ACRL Framework.” portal: Libraries and the Academy. Volume 19, number 1. 127-153.

Dawes, Lorna. 2017. “Faculty Perceptions of Teaching Information Literacy to First-Year students: A Phenomenographic Study.” Journal of Librarianship and Information Science.

Fullington, Lee Ann, and West, Brandon. 2015. “Quick Tips for Improving Your Research, Or How We Spent Our Summer at Research Boot Camp.” ENY/ACRL Newsletter. Volume 39, Issue 2.

Gruber, Anne Marie. 2018. “Real-world Research: A Qualitative Study of Faculty Perceptions of the Library’s Role in Service-learning.” portal: Libraries and the Academy. Volume 18, Issue 4.

Halpern, Rebecca. 2016. “Active Learning Works! Until It Doesn’t: Measuring the Effectiveness of Activity-Based Learning Exercises on Information Anxiety.” Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning. Volume 10, Issue 3/4. 242-253.

Halpern, Rebecca, Eaker, Christopher, Jackson, John, & Bouquin, Daina. 2015. “#DitchTheSurvey: Expanding methodological diversity in LIS research.” In the Library with the Lead Pipe. 

Hebert, Andrea. 2018. “Information Literacy Skills of First-Year Library and Information Science Graduate Students: An Exploratory Study.” Evidence Based Library & Information Practice. Volume 13, no. 3. 32-52.

Horbal, Andrew. 2018. “Instructor Use of Educational Streaming Video Resources.” The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Volume 44, no. 2. 179-189.

Kelly, Savannah. 2017. “First-year students’ research challenges: Does watching videos on common struggles affect students’ research self-efficacy?Evidence-Based Librarianship in Practice. Volume 12, Number 4.

Kelly, Savannah. 2017. “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: When the Data You Receive is Not the Data You Want.” 2017 LOEX Proceedings.

Lisbon, Adam. 2018. “Multilingual Scholarship: Non-English Sources and Reference Management Software.” The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Volume 41, Issue 1. 60-65.

Marino, Chris. 2018. “IInquiry-based Archival Instruction: An Exploratory Study of Affective Impact.” The American Archivist. Volume 81, Issue 2. 483-512.

Marshall, Hannah. 2015. “Preliminary Findings: A Comparative Study of Subject Metadata in an Images for Teaching Collection.” VRA Bulletin. Volume 41, Issue 2.

Miller, Kimberly, and Putnam, Laksamee. 2015. “More of the same? Understanding transformation in tablet-based academic library instruction.” Internet Reference Services Quarterly. Volume 20, Number 3. 105-126.

Stark, Rachel, Paris, M., Rogen, E., Finnegan-Dopkins, M., and Etter, C. 2017. “Art Show Paints a Collaborative Picture: Increasing Engagement in a Pharmacy and Health Sciences Library.” Hypothesis. Volume 29, Number 21.

Surles, Elizabeth. 2019. “Sharing Notes: A Qualitative Analysis of Description of Archival Music Materials.” Music Reference Services Quarterly.

Surles, Elizabeth. 2018. “Sound Practice: Exploring DACS Compliance in Archival Description of Music Recordings.” IASA Journal. Number 49. 43-59.

Swanson, Juleah. 2018. “Lived Experience of Academic Librarians of Color.” College & Research Libraries. Volume 79, Number 7. 876-894.

Swanson, Juleah. 2014. “E-Resource Round Up: Inaugural Institute for Research Design in Librarianship Provides Electronic Resources Librarians with Skills and Confidence to Engage in Research.” Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship. Volume 26, Number 4. 300-302.

Tewell, Eamon. 2018. “The Practice and Promise of Critical Information Literacy: Academic Librarians’ Involvement in Critical Library Instruction.” College & Research Libraries. Volume 79, Number 1. 10-34.

Tewell, Eamon. 2016. “Putting Critical Information Literacy into Context: How and Why Librarians Adopt Critical Practices in their Teaching.” In the Library with the Lead Pipe. October 12, 2016.

Paper Presentations

Albarillo, Frans. 2015. “Information Behavior of Foreign-born Students at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.” 21st Reference Research Forum of the Research and Statistics Committee of the Reference Services Section (RUSA), American Library Association Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA. 28-Jun-15.

Barr-Walker, Jill. 2018. “Measuring impostor phenomenon among health sciences librarians.” Medical Library Association Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA. 22-May-18.

Block, Courtney. 2017. “Spatial Realism in Academic Libraries: Using Focus Groups to Inform Renovation Decisions.” District 1 ILF Conference (Indiana Library Federation). South Bend, IN. 9-May-17.

Burel, Melissa, and Park, Sarah. 2016. “Snap, Click, Chat: Investigating the International Student Experience.” Brick and Click Libraries Symposium. Maryville, MO. 4-Nov-16.

Bussell, Hilary, Hagman, Jessica, and Guder, Christopher S. 2015. “Mixin’ it Up: Using a Mixed-Methods Approach to Understand Graduate Research Needs.” American College & Research Libraries Conference. Portland, OR. 28-Mar-15.

Cain, Jonathan. 2016. “Is Your Research Valid? Reflections on the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship.” University of Oregon Libraries LFOA Faculty Forum. University of Oregon, Knight Library. Eugene, OR. 25-Oct-16.

Dawes, Lorna. 2018. “Informed Learning and the ACRL Framework: What Faculty Teach and How Students Learn.” Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy.  Savanna, Georgia. 27-Sept-2018

Dawes, Lorna. 2017. “Dissecting Informed Learning:A Birds-Eye View of Information Literacy in First-Year College Courses.” LILAC Annual Conference 2017. Swansea, Wales. 12-Apr-17.

de la Cruz, Justin. 2017. “More is More: Planning for Unexpected Developments in Library Research.” Empirical Librarians Conference. Greensboro, NC. 24-Feb-17.

Eaker, Christopher, and Rowell, Chelcie Juliette. 2015. “A Research-Driven Approach to Providing Research Data Curation Services.” Empirical Librarians Conference. Greensboro, NC. 9-Feb-15.

Federer, Lisa. 2016. “If You Share It, Will They Come? Barriers to Reuse of Shared Biomedical Research Data.” Data Sharing, Medical Library Association Meeting. Toronto, Canada. 17-May-16.

Fullington, Lee Ann, and Albarillo, Frans. 2018. “Only Connect: Graduate Students, Mobile Devices, and Academic Workflows.” Science & Technology Section Research Forum, American Library Association Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA. 24-June-18.

Gabriel, Jamillah. 2016. “Teaching Cultural Heritage Literacy.” IFLA Information Literacy Section Satellite Preconference. Chicago, IL. Aug-16.

Galoozis, Elizabeth. 2017. “When to Plant Heirlooms and When to Plant Hybrids: Unearthing Instruction Librarians’ Motivations for Adopting New Practices.” LOEX. Lexington, KY. 13-May-17.

Gruber, Anne Marie. 2016. “Notes from Institute for Research Design in Librarianship.” Rod Library Lunch & Learn. University of Northern Iowa Rod Library. Cedar Falls, IA. 16-Sep-16.

Gruber, Anne Marie. 2016. “New Voices, Renewed Vision: Faculty-Librarian Collaboration to Support Service Learning.” Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference. Omaha, NE. 12-Oct-16.

Halpern, Rebecca. 2016. “Active learning works! Until it doesn’t: Measuring the effectiveness of activity-based learning exercises on information anxiety.” Distance Library Services Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. 21-Apr-16.

Halpern, Rebecca. 2014. “Ditch the survey: A reflection of IRDL.” USC Libraries’ PDC Brownbag Series. University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA. 14-Oct-14.

Keener, Alix,  Rowell, Chelcie Juliet. 2016. “Tracing Contours of Collaborative Digital Pedagogy.” Digital Library Federation Forum. Milwaukee, WI. 9-Nov-16.

Leonard, Elisabeth,  Swanson, Juleah,  Thorpe, Angie,  Bouquin, Daina. 2016. “Inspiring library research: Changing your environment to support your research.” Electronic Resources & Libraries. Austin, TX. 5-Apr-16.

Li, Chan. 2016. “UCSC Focus Groups Study on Academic User Behaviors Around Print and Ebooks.” ALCTS CMS Collection Evaluation and Assessment Interest Group, American Library Association Annual Conference. Orlando, FL. Jun-16.

Marino, Chris, and Crisp, Samantha. 2016. “Assessing Archives.” In session titled Assessing Archives: Case Studies in Using Data as an Advocacy Tool. Society of American Archivists. Atlanta, GA. 5-Aug-16.

Marino, Chris. 2017. “Institutional Review Board from an Affiliated Perspective.” UC Berkeley Library Association of University of California Berkeley Chapter Assembly. Berkeley, CA. Apr-17.

Mullally, Colleen S., and Watson, John G. 2017. “Score! Using Competitive Assessment Approaches to Chart Growth in Critical Thinking and Information Literacy with Incoming First-Year Student Athletes.” ARL Assessment Conference. Arlington, VA. 31-Oct-16.

Norris, Jeanette. 2017. “Understanding Users’ Metadata Needs: How Do We Know What They Want?” International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications. Washington, D.C. 21-Oct-17.

Norris, Jeanette. 2016. “Research in Tech Services: Let’s Assume Cutter wasn’t perfect.” Lightning Talk, New England Technical Services Librarians Annual Conference. Worcester, MA. 8-Apr-16.

Olewnik, Lauren, and Crist, Emily A. 2017. “Research as Engagement: Designing Methodologies for Understanding.” Vermont Library Association’s College & Special Libraries Section Conference. Castelton, VT. 21-Oct-16.

Regalado, M., Smale, M. A., and Albarillo, Frans. 2015. “Assessment in Focus: Conducting Effective Interviews & Focus Groups.” Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO). New York City, NY. 3-Mar-15.

Schubert, Carolyn, and Lam, Christina. 2016. “Mobile Technology Use in Nursing Education: A Longitudinal Study.” 2016 Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Philadelphia, PA.

Schubert, Carolyn. 2016. “Navigating the Institutional Review Board for Librarianship Research webinar.” National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association: Research and Assessment Committee. Recording available at

Stark, Rachel, and Oza, P. 2018. “Improving Participation and Physical Activity for Survivors of Brain Injury through a Library Volunteer Program.” European Association for Health Information and Libraries. Cardiff, Wales. 11-Jul-18.

Surles, Elizabeth. 2015. “Sharing notes: Current music descriptive practice in the context of DACS Archiving and publishing music: Standards and practical approach.” 2015 International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres and International Musicological Society Joint Congress: Music Research in the Digital Age. New York, NY. 22-Jun-15.

Tewell, Eamon. 2016. “The Practice and Promise of Critical Information Literacy in Library Instruction.” LOEX. Pittsburgh, PA. 6-May-16.

Thielen, Joanna, and Neeser, Amy. 2019. “Using Deductive Thematic Analysis to Examine Textual Documents.” Empirical Librarians Conference. Richmond, VA. 7-Mar-19.

Thielen, Joanna, and Neeser, Amy. 2019. “Advocating for Change: Understanding the Landscape of Academic Data Professionals.” Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Summit 2019. Miami, FL. 15-May-19.

Zou, Ning. 2018. “Backward Design and Rubric Assessment.” Texas Tech University. Lubbock, TX. 12-Nov-18.


Albarillo, Frans. 2015. “Sustaining Immigrant and International Students A Mixed-Method Study of Library Use.” American College & Research Libraries Conference. Portland, OR. 27-Mar-15.

Baird, Catherine. 2019. “Exploring Faculty Perceptions of Information Literacy Learning: A Qualitative Study.” Ontario Library Association SuperConference. Toronto, Ontario. 1-Feb-19.

Bauer, Melissa. 2018. “Navigating the stacks: How commuter students use the library.” Library Assessment Conference. Houston, TX. 4-Dec-18.

Burel, Melissa. 2016. “Do you see what I see? International student library experiences.” American Library Association Annual Conference. Orlando, FL. 26-Jun-16.

Christianson, Merete. 2018. “Collection Development and CAM.” 2018 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Cleveland, OH. 8-Oct-18.

Cooper, Kristen. 2018. “Exploring Current Data Sharing Practices of the University of Minnesota Plant Sciences Faculty.” United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) 16th Biennial Conference. Pullman, WA. 14-May-18.

Fullington, Lee Ann, and Albarillo, Frans. 2017. “Embedded in Technology Ecosystems: Graduate Students, Mobile Devices, and Academic Workflows.” EBLIP9. Philadelphia, PA. 19-Jun-17.

Jaskar, Karen. 2015. “The Mindful Classroom: Forming a Contemplative Reading Group to Support Library Instruction.” American College & Research Libraries Conference. Portland, OR. 27-Mar-15.

Jason, Don. 2016. “Health Sciences Librarians Use In-Depth Interviews to Evaluate a REDCap Training Program.” Medical Library Association Annual Meeting. Toronto, OR. 17-May-16.

Jason, Don. 2015. “Measuring the Effect of Library Instruction on the Use of Library Resources: Rethinking my research design after attending IRDL.” Medical Library Association – Midwest Chapter. Louisville, KY. 4-Oct-15.

Kelly, Savannah. 2017. “First-Year Students’ Research Challenges: Does watching videos on common research struggles prior to library instruction increase students’ confidence?” EBLIP9. Philadelphia, PA. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27632.25603 19-Jun-17.

Lambaria, Kate. 2017. “Documenting Creative Activity: Institutional Repositories and Fine Arts Faculty.” Art Libraries Society of North America Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA. 7-Feb-17.

Marshall, Hannah. 2015. “Preliminary Findings: A Comparative Study of User- and Cataloger-Assigned Subject Terms.” Visual Resources Association 33rd Annual Conference. Denver, CO. 12-Mar-15.

Marshall, Hannah. 2015. “Preliminary Findings: A Comparative Study of User- and Cataloger-Assigned Subject Terms.” State University of New York Library Association (SUNYLA) Annual Conference 2015. Purchase, NY. 4-Jun-15.

McElfresh, J. and Stark, Rachel. 2018. “Intergenerational Communication Among Medical Librarians.” Medical Library Association Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA. 21-Oct-18.

Norris, Jeanette. 2016. “Priorities in resource description: how does a community of users and cataloging differ?” IFLA World Library and Information Congress. Columbus, OH. 16-Aug-16.

Oza, Preeti, and Stark, Rachel. 2015. “Enhancing information literacy skills of Doctor of Physical Therapy students: Collaborative project with Health Sciences Library.” APTA Combined Sections Meeting. Indianapolis, IN. 6-Feb-15.

Surles, Elizabeth. 2014. “Research calisthenics in the City of Angels: One archivist’s experience at the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship.” Rutgers University State of the Libraries 2014. New Brunswick, NJ. 5-Nov-14.

Plovnick, C. and Stark, Rachel. 2018. “The Art of Conversation: A Comparative Analysis of Best Practices and Guidelines for Reference Interviews and Medical Interviews.” Medical Library Association Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA. 21-Oct-18.

Stark, Rachel, and Oza, Preeti. 2014. “Focus group study to determine information seeking habits of Doctor of Physical Therapy students.” Medical Library Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. Jun-14.

Stark, Rachel, and Plovnick, Caitlin. 2015. “Disaster response, disaster preparedness, and collaboration: how academic libraries and public libraries can maximize resources to ensure survival.” Association of College & Research Libraries Conference. Portland, OR. 26-Mar-15.

Woodward, Amanda. 2017. “More than a paycheck: How student library employment affects student engagement.” Association of College & Research Libraries Conference. Baltimore, MD. 23-Mar-17.

Grants and Awards

Benedetti, Allison R. 2014. “LAUC-LA Mini grant.” LAUC-LA (Librarians Association of the University of California, Los Angeles). Oct 2014-June 2015.

Bouquin, Daina. 2014. “Medical Library Association NY/NJ Chapter Research Grant 2014.” Medical Library Association NY/NJ Chapter. Nov-14.

Burel, Melissa. 2016. “Research Equipment and Tools Competition.” Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017.

Burel, Melissa, and Park, Sarah. 2015. “Assessment of International Students: Their University and Library Experiences.” Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois. July 1, 2015-June 30, 2017.

Eaker, Christopher. 2014. “The information management practices of civil engineering practitioners.” University of Tennessee Libraries. 19-Aug-14.

Galoozis, Elizabeth. 2016. “SCELC Research Incentive Grant.” Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium. Apr-June 2016.

Gruber, Anne Marie. 2016. “Faculty Pre-tenure Grant.” University of Northern Iowa, Office of the Provost. Fall 2016.

Horbal, Andrew. 2015. “Instructor Preferences for Educational Streaming Video Resources.” University of Maryland Libraries Research Fund Grant. Sept 2015-April 2016.

Keener, Alix; Rowell, Chelcie Juliet. 2016. “Provost’s Grant for Academic Excellence.” Wake Forest University. September-December 2016.

Pun, Raymond. 2016. “Provost’s Research Awards Fund.” Fresno Sate. Jan-June 2017.

Rutledge, Lorelei. 2016. “Leveling Up: Women in Library Management.” University of Utah. November 2016-May 2018.

Schubert, Carolyn & Lam, Christina. 2016. “Longitudinal Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practice Competency Development in Nursing Students.” Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association – Research and Assessment Grant. September 2016-October 2017.

Woodward, Amanda L. 2016. “SCELC Research Incentive Grant.” Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium.

Zingarelli-Sweet, Desirae. 2016. “SCELC Research Incentive Grant.” Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium. October 2016-June 2017.

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